About TD Poultry Processing

TD Poultry Processing is a dynamic company completely dedicated to the production and distribution of high-quality poultry products. Our range mainly consists of chicken fillet containing variable meat ratios. By processing these products a good balance between flavour and tenderness is obtained.

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TD Poultry Processing delivers quality products. The entire process is adjusted accordingly. Starting with setting high standards for our basic raw ingredients. TD Poultry Processing has its own BRC-approved (A grade) production facility in Veenendaal. This certification guarantees working according to strict quality standards. Production, storage and logistics are all located on the same premises, thus ensuring optimum food safety, traceability and productivity.

TD Poultry Processing maintains short lines with its suppliers in the EU, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, we can always supply poultry products.

As well as its own brand TD Poultry Processing also manages and delivers the following brands:

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